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Once upon a time, there were peasants who had codependent relationships with "MONONOKE", which were a kind of fairies in Japanese folklore.

But, little by little, the forest disappeared, housing developments replaced it, and people suits started commuting by train, so that caused "MONONOKE" to leave, even though they were close to people.

Because we now have a rapid virtual evolution and spread into every corner of the Internet, we tend to forget our own physical existence. Thus we might have called them back to confirm our existence. They came back again as robots called "ROBONOKE" to send some messages to us.

"ROBONOKE" do not quite lift a finger, but have rather selfish behavior. They're just hungry and like little devils.

They grow up with us and they teach us things that we would otherwise be blind to. Their presence is delightful.

The "Robonoke Project" promotes the development of advanced robots that can revive the harmony of mind and body that used to be human being's principal characteristic.






"KAPPANOID" is first product of "Robonoke Project". Kappa is known as "Yokai".(Yokai is similer class to mononoke).

We designed it cutely so that more people familiar with it.

The following ideas consist that cuteness leads to communication.


  • Moshing each other
  • Becoming cute by touch interaction
  • Understanding his intent from his cuteness
  • お互いの体をぶっつけ合う!
  • 接触インタラクションの中で見つけるカワイさ
  • カワイイ⇔相手の意図を解釈できること
  • カワイイと感じる時、コミュニケーションが成立している!

  • Pet him when you feel he is cute. He will feel delight.

  • Give him a hug when you have warm feeling. Sometimes he may reject your offer.

  • He falls asleep as soon as feels eased by your hug. Hitting his head leads him wake up.

  • Take your stress out on him. He never breaks if you bash him against somewhere.

  • His antennas will gleam with happiness. Meanwhile, hold your phone over his antennas and you can get his text-message.

  • Feed him a bar-code when he is hungry. He will recover soon. His favorite bar-codes are that of snack and alcohol. He will blush.
We will update some interpretive images soon!

  • カワイイと思ったら、なでてあげましょう。とても喜びます。

  • やさしい気持ちのときは、抱きしめてあげましょう。たまに嫌がるときもあります。

  • 抱きしめられて安心すると、眠ってしまいます。アタマをたたくと目が覚めます。

  • 気持ちがささくれだっているときは、八つ当たりしても大丈夫。どこかにぶつけたってこわれません。

  • うれしい気分のときは、アンテナが光ります。この時、ケータイをかざすとメッセージが送られてきますよ!

  • オナカが減っているときには、バーコードを食べさせてあげてね!

Food makes him happy 好きな食べ物をあげると喜ぶ
Waking up アタマをたたくと起きます
Static overview 全体イメージ

Shunsuke Aoki (aka aopico)
He established Team Lab Inc. at the University of Tokyo in 2000 and assumed a post as CTO. He has gone abroad to study about intelligent robot at Donghua University in Shanghai since 2006.

Takashi Sagisaka (aka SAGGY)
He studies at III, the University of Tokyo. He works on high-speed hand system.

Mayo Tobita (aka tobimayo)
She is a designer and received many awards both domestically and internationally, working at Bascule Inc. in Japan. She has studied English in NY.

Wako Fujita (aka wako)
She is a web director and writer. Graduated from the department of literature at University of Tokyo, working at CROOC Inc. in Japan.

Hustle Project
This "Robonoke Project" is a part of "Hutsle Project". Hutsle Project is a team of robot engineers, ventures, and students. It's goal is the development of advanced robots that can revive the harmony of mind and body that used to be human being's principal characteristic.